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to "empower" - ​​​To help someone to be stronger and more confident, especially in  controlling their life and claiming their rights.

  • missionOur mission is to provide an atmosphere where families and individuals feel comfortable and supported throughout the whole "therapy process." We are dedicated to finding the right tools needed for each individual to achieve greater success with their communication and overall life skills.  Each new success and milestone is celebrated.

  • philosophyThe ability to express oneself, connect with others, make empowered choices, and pursue individual interests are core to a happy and meaningful life. Through ongoing collaboration between therapists and families, programs are developed to achieve functional outcomes, as well as facilitate feelings of confidence, happiness, as well as a sense of personal power. 
  • We utilize the latest research to determine "best practices" in terms of treatment models, therapy tools, and work together with each family to develop truly individualized, functional therapy plans. We work to ensure that clients receive support across multiple domains, resulting in a well-rounded and holistic approach. 

  • We proudly offer free consultations, which are individually tailored to each person's unique needs and inquiries. We answer questions about speech and language development, help to ID red-flags, share information about free and appropriate resources, play therapy, AAC, autism, and much much more. Additionally, we answer questions about payment options, costs, and the models that inform our practice.

    Consultations are available for ALL - not just those interested in pursuing therapy with us. Please feel free to set up a consultation by filling the form at the bottom of the page, or by calling or emailing us. 

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