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  • Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC)

Augmentative Alternative Communication (AAC) is a way by which an individual's communication skills (i.e., production & comprehension) can be maximized for functional and effective communication. It involves supplementing or replacing natural speech with aided (e.g., picture communication symbols, Speech-Generating Devices, etc) and/or unaided symbols (e.g., manual sings, gestures, etc). 

  • Just because somebody cannot speak, does not mean they cannot communicate successfully.

We work to identify the most appropriate communication option, and support functional communication across a variety of settings and communication partners. In addition to traditional forms of AAC, we utilize latest technology (e.g., communication software available on tablets such as the iPad) to maximize success, using advances in technology to our advantage! We have experience with programming devices and teaching clients to become increasingly independent device users. Examples of systems we have experience with include: TouchChat, Proloquo, MyTalk, LAMP, PRC Devices, AutisMate,DynaVox, PODD, and many more!​​