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Autism Spectrum

We offer comprehensive speech/language (Communication) services to individuals (children, teens, and adults) on the Autism Spectrum, ranging from nonverbal to verbal communicators. We target: Social Communication & Emotional Regulation. Our goals are: HAPPINESS, INDEPENDENCE, SUCCESS. 

We target functional areas of communication that are the core affected areas in Autism, including:
  • Initiation of spontaneous communication in functional activities across social partners and settings.
    Comprehension of verbal and nonverbal communication.
    Communication for a range of social functions that are reciprocal and promote the development of friendships and social networks.
    Verbal and nonverbal means of communication, including natural gestures, speech, signs, pictures, written words, and other AAC systems.​
  • We offer:

    Augmentative & Alternative Communication (AAC) services to augment and support verbal communication (See AAC Services). 
    Community-Based Therapy - providing natural and motivating opportunities to make choices, use speech/language strategies, etc and have positive experiences within the community.
    Sensory Gym - designed by an OT specializing in Sensory Integration.
    Fun & Highly Engaging Activities - based on individual interests.

See "SCERTS Model" http://www.scerts.com​

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