Most of our visits fall into one of these categories.


Our first meeting! We can learn more about your unique needs, determine the need for a formal assessment, and answer questions about treatment, local resources, etc.


Comprehensive assessment to determine current levels and to establish a functional and appropriate treatment plan.


Engaging and effective therapy to target goal areas and work toward generalization of new skills.


We empower family and caregivers to implement the home program through live guidance and feedback.

Professional Training

Helping professionals and parents improve their confidence and skills in the areas listed below.

Speech Therapy

What Age Groups Do We Serve?

Birth - Three

Early Intervention

School Age


Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Which profiles or diagnoses do we work with?

Apraxia of speech

Articulation delay/disorder

Expressive and/or receptive language disorder

Autism spectrum


Augmentative & Alternative Communication for non-speaking individuals (see AAC tab below)

Occupational Therapy

We offer pediatric occupational therapy assessment and treatment for a variety of sensory, motor, developmental, and self-help needs. Play is the work of young children, so we strive to employ a play-based approach. For older children and teens, we use a client-directed approach to increase functional skills in a fun and meaningful way.

Empowering in every area of daily life…

Skill Areas

Gross motor

Fine motor

Visual motor integration

Oral motor and feeding

Sensory integration and modulation




Autism Spectrum (ASD)

Sensory Processing Disorders (SPD)

Developmental Delay


Learning Disabilities


Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD)

Cerebral Palsy (CP)

Down Syndrome

Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

Oral Phase Dysphagia

...And more

Frequently Asked Questions about Occupational Therapy (OT)

Handwriting Intensives

“Erase! That’s too big! On the line!” Do these phrases sound familiar when you are working with your child with handwriting? Are you tired of feeling frustrated AND seeing your child frustrated with any pencil-based tasks? Your child may be a good candidate for a handwriting intensive with our Empower Occupational Therapists.

Here at Empower, our OT’s use a whole sensory system based approach to learning through multi-sensory interventions. Handwriting is SO much more than just sitting at a table and writing with a pencil. Our intensives focus on foundational skills required for academic success, including:

Fine Motor (finger/hand strength, pencil grasp, school tools)

Visual Motor and Visual Perceptual (handwriting)

Multi-sensory (tying the motor, visual, and auditory systems together)

6 weeks (Typically)

  • 1 time 45 minute/week or 2x/week for 45 minutes for 3 weeks

  • Timeframe can depend per client need, price would just be pro-rated

  • Inquire for pricing 


This intensive focus on our older school-age population. These children have already learned the basic foundations of handwriting and are working toward their continued development in handwriting words, sentences, and beyond! 


This intensive focuses on teaching children who have already learned their capital letters and are working toward their continued development of handwriting lowercase letters and word formation. 


This intensive focuses on teaching the basic foundations of pre-writing and handwriting. These children have capital letter recognition and are working toward the development of handwriting capital letters.


Feeding Evaluation & Treatment

Empower offers comprehensive evaluations that assess oral motor and oral sensory development for self-feeding in the oral phase of eating. Our feeding treatment style follows the Sequential Oral Sensory (SOS) approach to feeding (

Feeding Consultations

Empower offers feeding consultations that have a parent coaching focus. A consultative model is a great approach to support feeding in the home environment if a comprehensive evaluation and ongoing treatment are not a viable option for your family at this time.

We offer options to make sure our sessions are convenient and comfortable


Services can take place at our Clovis or Fresno locations.


Services can take place in your home. Particularly helpful for Early Intervention.


We use a secure, accessible system to meet remotely.


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